Elite Airtight, Parge Coat or Blockfiller?


Elite Airtight or standard Parge coat?

Elite Airtight offers several advantages over a traditional parge coat on new or old block walls (all types) when the wall is going to be dry lined, or is in a warehouse, store room etc.

The advantages over parging include:

Speed of application - take a look at our YouTube video of Elite Airtight being applied to a block wall at over 60M2 per hour (420M2 in 7 hours) by a team of two. VIDEO.

Less mess and material on site - Elite Airtight is supplied ready mixed in tubs, it is best applied with airless spray equipment. This keeps the workplace clear of bags, powder, buckets of water and mixing areas. There is almost no overspray, allowing other trades to work nearby as necessary. 

Quick drying - Elite Airtight is touch dry after 15-30 minutes and can be recoated or boarded over after just 4 hours. 

Similar costs - Whilst parging might seem like the cheaper option, metre for metre it works out to be very similar to Elite Airtight. Parge coating typically costs about £7-8 per 25kg bag, this works out at £1.75-£2 per metre (when applied at manufacturers recommended coverage). Elite Airtight costs £3.33pm2 based on a coverage of 1.5m2 per litre, so whilst there is a material cost saving using a parge coat the application time is at least double and this will signifiacantly increase the overall cost and disruption.


Elite Airtight or Blockfiller?

For internal walls that are going to be left exposed in public areas.

Most blockfillers contain about 50% less solids than Elite Airtight, which makes them suitable for application by brush or roller, but typically require 3 or more coats to leave a reasonable surface. Elite Airtight can be applied quickly in a single pass using airless spray to give a high quality airtight finish. The surface will be bright white (can also be painted over in other colours), can be wiped clean and looks much better than a painted wall. This makes Elite Airtight ideal for use in corridors, large commercial/industrial interiors, classrooms, workplaces, retail outlets etc.

Elite Airtight costs about the same as blockfiller but by reducing the application time down to half or even less, significant savings can be made on labour costs, whilst also leaving a better quality, hard wearing, washable surface.


HRS Services - Appendix





Where we have stated the permeability is too low to detect we can qualify this comment with the

following statement:


Where the air permeability is less than 0.36m3/h/m2, no exact value can be obtained due to the resolution of the instrument. This represents very low levels of air leakage and an Air Permeability no greater than 0.36m3/h/m2.

Test Report 2011
Elite Airtight Coating - EN 121142000 T
Adobe Acrobat Document 39.6 KB
Brochure & Specification 2014
Elite Airtight - Brochure & Specificatio
Adobe Acrobat Document 298.4 KB

The Professionals Choice:


BREEAM - Excellent rated Environment & Sustainability Institute - Cornwall (See article in Construction News)


Primary School - Kidderminster achieved air leakage rate of less than 2.5m3/sq.m./hr


Hamilton International Offices - Carbon Neutral building - Scotland


£30 million new build Shotts Prison - Lanarkshire, Scotland


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