Elite Airtight Coating for Blockwalls

Concrete block walls can leak the air in a building at up to 80 cubic metres of air every hour through each square metre of surface, at that rate it won't take long for the warm air inside to escape from the building, resulting in increased heating costs & carbon emissions.


We have developed Elite Airtight Coating to provide a fast and economical solution to the problem of air leakage through blockwork. Not only does Elite Airtight offer an airtight finish, it is also fully washable for easy maintenance, it can be left as an finished surface in any public or private areas.
The alternatives:
  • Plastering - expensive, time consuming, messy, requires painting
  • Plaster-board - expensive, time consuming, not airtight. (see Airstop Spray-Parge)
  • Blockfiller - more expensive, higher water content/less solids, not tested for airtightness
  • Paint - similar price, not airtight unless many coats are applied, unattractive finish
  • Bare block - no additional cost, not airtight, poor quality surface, unattractive finish, poor light reflectance


Elite Airtight has been tested for airtightness by an independent laboratory in accordance with BS EN 12114:2000 Thermal performance of buildings and has received a 100% pass when applied to standard cellular blocks, which were leaking 80m3/hour/Mat 50pa. before application of the Elite Airtight coating and leakage "too low to detect" after application of Elite Airtight. The test was carried out on standard cellular blocks - applying Elite Airtight to blocks with smaller holes & fissures or onto paint quality blocks will result in less paint being required to complete the job. See HRS Services Appendix for results showing air permeability below 0.36m3/h/m2 in our News page.


Architects, specifiers and builders now have the option of specifying standard concrete blocks (where appropriate) for quick and economical construction projects and for the resultant walls to have a washable, airtight and decorative finish.


Elite Airtight is also ideal for use in refurbishment projects, as the coating can be applied directly onto previously painted block - making significant improvements to the airtightness of the building.


See Elite Airtight being applied to a block wall on our YouTube video: Elite Airtight Video


HRS Services - Appendix





Where we have stated the permeability is too low to detect we can qualify this comment with the

following statement:


Where the air permeability is less than 0.36m3/h/m2, no exact value can be obtained due to the resolution of the instrument. This represents very low levels of air leakage and an Air Permeability no greater than 0.36m3/h/m2.

Test Report 2011
Elite Airtight Coating - EN 121142000 T
Adobe Acrobat Document 39.6 KB
Brochure & Specification 2014
Elite Airtight - Brochure & Specificatio
Adobe Acrobat Document 298.4 KB

The Professionals Choice:


BREEAM - Excellent rated Environment & Sustainability Institute - Cornwall (See article in Construction News)


Primary School - Kidderminster achieved air leakage rate of less than 2.5m3/sq.m./hr


Hamilton International Offices - Carbon Neutral building - Scotland


£30 million new build Shotts Prison - Lanarkshire, Scotland


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